Diet Plan for Stage 4 Lung Cancer Patients

Stage 4 lung cancer is already a close to death condition. Anyone who is suffering with this disease has no other option but to live most of the days they have left with their family. However, there are a lot of things they can do in order to survive longer while fighting against it. One of the best things that doctors advise to their patients is to always stay fit by switching to a healthier lifestyle. That actually includes the ability to stop smoking and avoiding hazardous chemicals that can worsen their situation. Another way is to prepare meals where they can benefit healthfully.

Among other ways to prevent stage 4 lung cancer, consuming foods that are rich in vitamins and nutrients is very much essential. Patients must be careful of what they prepare most of the time. Since they will only have months left to live, they are at risk to any cancer causing foods that can lead to their death earlier than what the doctor told them. In order for them to have the best diet plan, they can ask their doctor of what fruits and vegetables they can benefit from the most. For examples, cruciferous vegetables like cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower contains antioxidants that can fight against cancer.

Mushroom can be added in soups since it has lectin. A protein that can fight against abnormal cells and fight against cancer cells that grows rapidly.
Aside from exercising which is highly recommended to stage 4 lung cancer patients, they must always avoid foods that are rich in additives, or too much salt and sugar. Processed foods are not helpful as well. A variety of fruits and vegetables is highly advisable. Apple is rich in flavonoids that can prevent lung inflammatory. Green tea, foods high in lycopene and lutein are also beneficent.

Dairy products such as yogurt contains a package of nutrients. Economical and a great meal to prepare a meal that has protein content is to include eggs.
A healthy diet like organic, plant based whole foods and special category of foods found in nature are helpful to strengthen our immune system. It can attack other diseases and illness. If there is only a pill that contains all of the fruits and vegetables for a cancer diet plan, however there is none. For those who do not want to suffer from stage 4 lung cancer, we must follow the cancer diet plan now as advised to us by our doctor.

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